Manufacturing, Wholesale & Retail

From the arrangement of complex insurance programmes to the placement of a ‘package’ policy for a retail shop, C&C can help to find the best solution. We also have facilities to assist with the placement of difficult and complex risks. 



All wholesalers understand that if their warehouse building and the stock contained suffers a loss, the business could be in jeopardy. Other risks affecting wholesalers include supply chain, import & export risks and products liability exposures, where goods are manufactured outside the European Union.

C&C has access to cargo and stock throughput covers to manage the entire journey and storage of stock.



C&C has experience in all aspects of retail, whether a single shop, chain or larger retail outlets.

Retailers have seen a marked increase in personal injury claims from members of the public. We undertake defensibility studies on liability claims to help improve loss records. Risk Management to mitigate these losses is crucial and C&C has its own dedicated risk management and health & safety advisors to assist.


Manufacturing & Engineering

Manufacturers are seeing a resurgence of confidence in the UK and as a result the insurance industry has reacted positively; insurers are now well placed to provide competitive solutions.

An engineering business needs to have the benefit of a flexible policy, one that does not seek to limit innovation through restrictive warranties and complex terms and conditions. C&C can design a bespoke portfolio of covers to suit business needs.

The food and drink industry has suffered underwriting issues due to the presence of combustible panels used to aid insulation & refrigeration. It is essential to seek the correct advice from an insurance broker, who understands the risks manufacturers face.


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