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Winter driving Advice

We’ll help you see how prepared you are for potential challenges, and what further steps are needed to make sure your business isn’t left out in the cold this winter.

From icy roads to more hours of darkness, the risks associated with driving increase over the winter months. So if your employees need to drive for work, it’s important to understand the risks and try to reduce the likelihood of them being involved in an accident.

As well as injured staff and vehicle damage, harsh driving conditions can lead to other losses for your business too – like vehicle breakdowns, claims from other road users involved in accidents, and longer journey times.

Our help guide below gives a range of tips for staying safe on the roads this winter, and our risk assessment form covers the additional things you’ll need to consider, like route planning and vehicle checks.

Advice for driving in adverse weather conditions

As with all adverse weather conditions, journey planning is key and should be a joint responsibility of both driver and company and is well worth including within your Road Risk Policy, Drivers Handbook and any driver inductions, training and tool-box talks.

As well as being one of your primary Health & Safety responsibilities by Law it is always good basic risk management to assess the need to travel, especially in adverse weather conditions, however if it is unavoidable then just a few minutes preparation before you set off can make all the difference to your journey.

Both drivers and supervisors should consider the following factors before the journeys commence:

  • Advice via your fleet department or traffic office to check weather forecasts with updates sought as appropriate during the journey.
  • Inform your immediate manager / supervisor of the route you will use to aid locating you in case of breakdowns or other emergencies which may delay your journey.
  • Any alternate routes should also take into consideration your vehicles dimensions to avoid 'Bridge Bashing' incidents

And don't forget to carry a winter kit

  • Fully charged mobile phone and in-car charger
  • Sunglasses - to deal with glare from the sun or snow
  • Personal medication - if appropriate
  • First aid kit
  • Road atlas - in case of diversions
  • Sat-nav or printed route for unfamiliar journeys
  • Breakdown Membership number and contact details

For further information or help with your business risk assessments, get in touch with C&C Insurance Brokers on  0161 406 4800.

Further details of your Health and Safety Responsibilities see Driving At Work - Managing Occupational Road Risk