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Nearly every person in the UK has been hacked including the police officer in charge of the fight against cyber crime

Nearly every person in the country has been hacked and had their details sold on the dark web, Britain’s police lead on cyber crime revealed yesterday.

Chief Constable Peter Goodman issued the stark warning on rampant computer hacking as he urged firms to come clean to customers when their security has been compromised.

The Derbyshire chief revealed he has been personally targeted three times by thieves who stole his name, date of birth, address and email.

Mr Goodman, who leads the National Police Chiefs’ Council on cyber crime, said Russia is the worst culprit, bombarding the UK with ‘state-sponsored’ or ‘state-permitted’ criminal attacks on a daily basis.

Just days after the Prime Minister accused the Kremlin of cyber espionage and meddling in European election, the UK’s top policing experts on cyber crime said Russian groups were targeting not only our major infrastructure and financial institutions, but also small businesses like hairdressers and solicitors in its giant ‘fishing net’ for data.

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