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Brexit - Travelling abroad, what you need to know

In the event of a no-deal Brexit on or after March 29th, Insurers have warned UK drivers that they will need to carry a ‘green card’ if they are planning to drive to European countries. This will be required for all individuals and business drivers.
Green Cards are internationally recognised insurance documents issued by insurers to their policyholders. These are physical documents and currently not available in electronic format.
Green Cards can be obtained from your insurance provider who will normally issue free of charge, depending on the duration. It is advised you contact your insurer to request one at least one month before you are due to travel.
Commercial operators with fleet insurance will need to obtain a Green Card for each vehicle travelling and in addition they may also be needed for trailers in certain countries.
Drivers will also have to purchase an International Driving Permit (IDP) to drive in Europe. These can be purchased from the Post Office and cost £5.50. There are different permits required for France and Spain, so those travelling across the border of these countries will need to have both IDP’s. For full clarity on the permits required for travel visit the Post Office website -
You shouldn’t need a Green Card if you’re hiring a car and using the insurance that comes with the rental company but again it is advised to check before travelling.
European Health Insurance Cards (EHIC) may also no longer be valid in the event of no deal Brexit and as there is no agreement yet in place for healthcare abroad it is advised you buy travel insurance that includes medical expenses, just as you would if you were visiting a non-EU country.
A Green Card will only be required in the event of a ‘No Deal’ Brexit on or after 29th March 2019.
If you require any help or advice regarding your insurance whilst travelling abroad, please get in touch.